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Zac Brown Band

The history of the Band started at the end of the 1950s. They were able to perform together with Ronnie Hawkins as the Hawks. In 1965 they were chosen as Bob Dylan’s band. A motorcycle accident in 1966 determined not only the change of the name of the band, but also their location, as they moved to upstate New York. Their new headquarters was named ‘Big Pink’, and they tried to find their inspiration for writing new songs and producing new music. Each of the members of the group – Richard Manuel (piano), Rick Danko (bass), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Levon Helm (drums) – were able to sing and the shared responsibilities were co-shared from a song to another. Their ability to capture the audience and release new music varied considerably from a song to another, as it is the case with ‘Up on Cripple Creek’, a swamp boogie, or ‘The Weight’, a pure soul production. The band went through tragical episodes, as Manuel took his life in 1986, while Rick Danko died in his sleep on December 1999.