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Adam Lambert is very well known to all the fans of the ‘American Idol’ who were on his side when he lost to Kris Allen. At the time when he played in the competition he was not a beginner in the history of music, and he was already an experienced musician. The proof is his well worked voice and his tenor-lite appearance, as he spent a lot of time performing in the musical theatre. Since childhood he has been a stage actor and he even played in the ‘Ten Commandments’, together with Val Kilmer. The idea to audition for the ‘Idol’ was the result of the encouragement of his friends and co-workers. He was included in the competition following the audition held in San Franscisco, where he played an impressive ‘Whole Lotta Love’, by Led Zeppelin, as ‘Rings of Fire’, by Johnny Cash. The judges equally admired his special, even goth-esque style, that might not be very popular for the listeners of the pop charts. His 2009 debut album was a huge success among those dedicated fans that are keen to listen to a special musician.