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One of South Korean tech giants, LG, is one of world’s leading producers of smartphones. Despite their gadgets selling very well in average-priced segment, few people actually know that it was LG who manufactured first even mass-produced smartphone. Yes, way before Apple released their epochal iPhone there was already “Prada” series by LG, model designed in collaboration with famous fashion house from Italy. And despite that this model sold six times worse than iPhone, it had great influence on industry. Arguably their most popular and accessible series is Optimus. They run on Android and Windows Phone operating systems and have several lettered designations. They usually refer to class of device. This way L stands for cheapest smartphones, while G is for high end and luxurious models. As of 2017, their newest series is called Optimus Vu, which has stylus support and runs on quad-core Krait processor.  

LG Univa E510
LG Univa E510