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Russ Drops A New Song Called " September 16th"

Russ Drops A New Song Called " September 16th"

Russ has been receiving lots of hate during this past couple of months. The reason this is happening is because the rapper is criticised for acting like "he is better than everyone". However, Russ wants to show to people that this is just a lie and that the only thing he cares about is making new music. Therefore, Russ fans should be happy to know that the rapper has just launched a new song titled "September 16th".

The new track features a mellow beat and Russ talks about some of his personal problems. "September 16th" was uploaded on YouTube on July 19th and it already hit the 600,000 views milestone which leads us to believe that "September 16th" will become a popular song that will be played on radio stations all over the world. Nonetheless, interested Russ fans can check out the track by clicking play on the video down below.

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