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Rihanna Is Working On A New Album

Rihanna Is Working On A New Album

Rihanna released her last album called “Nothing Is Promised” back in 2016. The artist has taken a break from producing new music ever since, but from the looks of it, Rihanna might be looking to launch a surprise album in 2019. Everyone who follows Rihanna on her social media pages knows that the singer keeps teasing new music every single day. However, this time Rihanna decided to show a 15-second clip in an Instagram Story which revealed that Rihanna is hard at work in the studio.

When will the new album come? This is the question that all Rihanna fans are asking themselves right now. Even though we can’t answer this question, we advise everyone to keep a close eye on Rihanna’s Instagram because she might post some news during the upcoming days.

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