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New Gorillaz "Tranz" Music Video is Out!

New Gorillaz "Tranz" Music Video is Out!

Remember ten years ago when Gorillaz used to release new music every year? Well, fortunately for us and all other Gorillaz fans, the band is back! Gorillaz has been launching new music all throughout 2017-2018 and they have just released a new music video for the track called “Tranz”. The music video has been up on YouTube for only a couple of days and its already sitting at more than 5 million views.

In typical Gorillaz fashion, the music video shows us the animated characters that make up the band. The most amazing thing about Gorillaz is the fact that they managed to make the entire world fall in love with a bunch of goofy animated characters without ever showing us their real faces. To make things even more interesting, Gorillaz put up huge displays where the animated characters are shown whenever they have live performances. Isn’t this amazing?

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