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Eminem Has Released A New Freestyle Called "Kick Off"

Eminem Has Released A New Freestyle Called "Kick Off"

It’s been more than one month since Eminem launched the critically acclaimed “Kamikaze” album and now, in typical Eminem fashion, the rapper has launched a new song without announcing it first. The song is called “Kick Off” and its quite different than all the other Eminem songs that we’ve listened to before. This song is a “freestyle” and Eminem raps for eleven minutes straight.

Eminem starts “Kick Off” by saying how much he loves battle rapping and that he doesn’t like that people have forgotten about this art form. Nonetheless, “Kick Off” is bringing battle rap back to life while Eminem gets a chance to show off his clever rhyming skills. Furthermore, everyone can check out the new Eminem song down below.

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