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Drake "In My Feelings" Goes Viral!

Drake "In My Feelings" Goes Viral!

Drake launched a new album called "Scorpion" nearly one month ago and the album has been making waves in the music industry. The album contains lots of tracks, something that is quite unusual for rappers since most rap albums contain up to ten tracks. Nonetheless, this is great news for Drake fans since it means they get a lot more tracks than usual for the same price of one album.

The song that stands out the most on "Scorpion" is called "In My Feelings" and it managed to get 80 million views on YouTube in under a month. Now, this is impressive! The cool thing about "In My Feelings" is that it started a "challenge" where popular content creators and social media influencers try to dance to the song while jumping out of a car. With that being said, Drake fans who want to check out the rapper's latest song can do it down below.

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