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DJ Avicii's "Heaven" is Now Available on YouTube

DJ Avicii's "Heaven" is Now Available on YouTube

As everyone who follow techno music already knows by now, Avicii passed away a couple of months ago. The entire music industry mourned the famed DJ and now, we can pay homage to his memory by listening to his new album called “Tim” which is the DJ’s real name. DJ Avicii was working on this album before he passed away and his friends, other DJs, offered to finish the album in order to launch it and help DJ Avicii’s family and fans get closure.

Obviously, the new album sounds amazing and we have linked a new song from the album down below so that everyone can check it out. The song is called “Heaven” and it already has more than two million views on YouTube. However, this was to be expected since the “Tim” album is the last new music that we are going to hear from DJ Avicii.

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