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Childish Gambino Dedicates His "RIOT" Song to Mac Miller

Childish Gambino Dedicates His "RIOT" Song to Mac Miller

As we previously reported, Mac Miller, unfortunately, passed away due to a drug overdose last week. The young rapper was only 26 years old and the news of his death broke the hearts of everyone, including none other than Childish Gambino himself. Not just that, but every popular rapper started mourning the death of Mac Miller. However, what Childish Gambino decided to show to the entire world just how much he cared for Mac Miller by dedicating his song “RIOT” to him.

During an event in Chicago, Childish Gambino took to the stage and he told to everyone that Mac Miller loved to make music and that he wants to dedicate “RIOT” to him. Gambino wanted to give Mac Miller a moment and he told everyone to stop filming. Moreover, Childish Gambino had this next to thing to say about Mac Miller “He was so nice. Y’all don’t know, like, he was the sweetest guy”.

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