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Check Out Stormzy's New "Vossi Bop" Music Video

Check Out Stormzy's New "Vossi Bop" Music Video

Even though the rap scene might not be as popular in the UK as it in the US, the rapper known as Stormzy is making sure that this is going to change. Stormzy is the most popular rapper from the UK and he proved this once again by launching the music video called “Vossi Bop”. The music video has been uploaded on YouTube a couple of days ago and it already has nearly four million views. Nonetheless, the music video is surely going to get millions of other views during the upcoming week.

Talking about the music video for “Vossi Bop”, we are advising everyone who loves high quality movies to check out Stormzy’s new song. The music video for “Vossi Bop” is similar to a cinema movie when it comes to production value and to make things even cooler, the video features lots of kids who are showing off their dance moves.

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