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Check Out Joji's New "Sanctuary" Music Video

Check Out Joji's New "Sanctuary" Music Video

Joji is a rare breed and there is no doubt about that. He started his career as a YouTube and he is now a world-famous singer. This doesn’t just happen rarely for YouTubers, but Joji ran a comedy channel and this is what makes it even more amazing that he managed to launch a musical career. Nonetheless, Joji has launched a new song called “Sanctuary” and it is accompanied by a rather…interesting music video that places Joji in a 70s Star Trek episode.

Even though the music video for Joji’s “Sanctuary” looks amazing, the best thing about it is the song. Joji has a melodic voice and he uses it to pour his soul out on every one of his tracks. With that said, make sure to check out the new song by clicking play on the YouTube video down below.

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