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TracFone is wireless phone provider that concentrates on the prepaid phone markets primarily. The company operates and provides service in the US, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. TracFone Wireless provides 5 main services, which are each given seperate logos and marketed differently; TracFone, Safelink Wireless, NET10, Senior Value Cellphone, and Straight Talk.With NET10 prepaid phones are used where minutes cost 10 cents each (thats where the 10 in NET 10 comes from_) and texts are 3 to 5 cents each. TracFones are credited with units, and those units can be used on minutes, texts, or even MMS. Only certain handsets made for TracFone can be used. Safelink given low-income households access to cellphone use free of charge. This service is only available in some states. Straight Talk offers customers with 30-day prepaid plans similar to Metro PCS plans. Both limited and unlimited plans are offered for texting and voice minutes. Senior Value Cellphone is simply a TracFone targeted specifically toward senior markets.