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Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is a trademark of Cellco Partnership, subsidiary of multinational conglomerate Verizon Communications. Once a joint venture of American Verizon and British Vodafone, company became fully American in 2014. It went on to become biggest provider of telecommunication services in United States. Company utilizes 4G LTE network, which was in test mode since 2008 and fully replaced previous CDMA2000 technology by 2016. Network has a great coverage and is available on 98 percent of American territory, from Arizona canyons to Alaskan ice steppes. While they work on 5G coverage, competitors are kept in line with help of macrocells, unlimited data plans and unrestricted video services. Proprietary software called AppFlash will be users companion on all of Verizon’s smartphones since 2017, and will help them to easily share, find and move media content between various applications. Some Google lobbyists were greatly disappointed by this app and unsuccessfully tried to smear it in their press.