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US Cellular

United States Cellular Corporation, marketed under shorter brand U.S. Cellular, is a telecommunications company with around five million clients. Concentrating on central American States and Texas at first, company pursued strategy of careful growth. Introducing mobile broadband as early as 2008, U.S. Cellular delivered 3G technology to their customers earlier than some of other tech giants. This network’s capabilities for roaming eventually rose to cover 98% of territory. Despite this and delicate reward program called Belief System, they had to sell a bit of their spectrum and customers to Nextel in 2012. Some other proprietary media projects also had to be shut down a bit later, when Online Album premium services was deemed redundant under onslaught of social networks. 2016 saw some improvements in brand’s visibility, as Google invited U.S. Cellular to their MVNO offer – Project Fi. On hardware side company, always was a reliable source of latest iPhones, tablets and hybrid products.