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T-Mobile was Deutsche Telekom’s holding with legal office in Croatia. It operated in many countries of European Union until its merger with France Telecom’s brand Orange. After some hassle receiving European Commission approval for merger, these giants formed company called EE Limited with BT Group as owner. This made EE Limited largest telecommunications provider in United Kingdom, with nearly 15,000 employees. T-Mobile brand still exists in United States and Puerto Rico, and currently boasts nearly 80 million clients there. Surviving through numerous acquisition attempts from such competitors as AT&T and Sprint, company continued to grow and even got an opposite proposal from Sprint after election of Donald Trump as President – to buy their shares. Technology-wise they were always slightly behind Verizon however, finishing LTE coverage in late 2014 and getting 700Mhz license for Chicago in 2016. T-Mobile US is known for a lot of side programs, from no-contract services to short-lived banking cards.