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MetroPCS is a T-Mobile’s prepaid offer of telecommunications services. These include sharing and transmitting data over LTE, GSM and HSPA networks. Originally founded by Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang as independent company General Wireless Inc., it merged with American branch of Deutsche Telekom in 2013. Thanks to this deal it appeared on New York’s Stock Exchange. Network’s start was not very well received by critics and customers alike, with some specialists complaining that MetroPCS 4G networks operated at usual 3G speeds. Others panned chosen feature phone – Samsung Craft. It was not up to usual Samsung’s standards. Adding to these woes, company restricted video streaming from non-YouTube sources, thus severely limiting benefits of 4G. Some other dubious decision included Mexico Unlimited plan, which drew criticism of conservatives, and controversial “Period Power” advertising, which reminded about women’s regular natural change rather than calendar periods.