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Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is a wireless telecommunications company from Atlanta, Georgia. They operate under “Something to Smile About” slogan and try to justify that by striving for gentle image and stylish retail shops. Owing their existence to Leap Wireless, company now owned by AT&T, they originate from Illinois and thus exhibit traditional Chicago business attitude. Since AT&T acquisition company switched to their HSPA and LTE networks from Sprint’s, and currently enjoys coverage which is larger than that of T-Mobile. They offer free roaming in Mexico and Canada and generally acceptable plan prices. This allowed them to quickly spread across both coasts and flyover country. In 2016 Crickets was able to launch their own physically and graphically customized iPhones – 6s and 6s Plus. In addition to great insurance offer, which covers not only loss or theft but also physical and water damage, brand is more competitive than ever before.