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Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a private wireless telecommunications provider. Initially founded by Peter Adderton in New Zealand and Australia, it expanded to United States just a year later with help of Nextel. While trying to cater to ethnic minorities in California company did slang-heavy advertising. Due to takeover of Nextel by Sprint in 2006, Boost found itself in position of subsidiary and had to adapt to changed environment. While using Sprint’s CDMA network was technologically desirable, it limited financial freedom of company. Still, it continued to amaze its clients with various unlimited plans, which were still rare at that time. Few years later company already had a few exclusive smartphones, Motorola i1 and Samsung Galaxy Prevail. With HTC EVO Design 4G and ZTE Boost Force company was well equipped for LTE era in 2013. Their latest smart incentive is Wi-Fi Hotspots, not requiring any kind of contract. On downside, there is complete absence of any SIM support whatsoever and ban of third-party phones.