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AT&T is a multinational conglomerate, specializing in telecommunications and mass media. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Company’s revenue is widely recognized as highest in the world for a telecommunications company, which makes it one of the most important taxpayers in Texas. Company owns special subsidiary called AT&T Mobility, which is tasked with enabling efficient wireless access. Its network covers 99% of United States territory and upgraded to HSPA as far back as 2014. Company received quite a bit of profits from cooperation with Apple since 2007, when their revolutionary device iPhone was available exclusively through AT&T. Only fourth model of iPhone, released in 2011, was released under Verizon agreement. Thus, giving AT&T enough time to capitalize on early hype. Since reveal of Motorola’s Backflip in 2010 company’s services also available on Android operating systems. Windows Phone support came in that same year. Another neat feature of being AT&T customer is that your phone is ensured by Asurion, so its loss won’t be such a tragedy.