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Gnash (full name Garret Charles Nash) is a popular US singer and rapper with the English and Norwegian descent. He became famous after releasing his first EP “u” in 2015 on SoundCloud. It was followed by the second EP “me” the same year. Next year he released the third EP “us” with singer’s popular hit “I hate you, I love you”, which featured Olivia O’Brien. The single hit No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.1 in Australia chart. ”suga suga” and “coco” were one of the first songs downloaded onto SoundCloud service. Gnash was fond of DJing from the very childhood and started doing it at the age of 13. Before the artist started creating his own music, he worked as a DJ during high school parties. Gnash graduated from the college and began covering various songs. Currently, he has tens of thousands of fans on SoundCloud and often tours abroad. His tour 2015 was called “A Walk in the Park”.