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The Game

The Game was brought to the light of success in 2005, with the release of his major label album ‘The Documentary’. He was famous before that, as his rap career started in 2003, a year of balance for his life too, as he got shot and almost left dead in a drug-related robbery that took place at his home. While recovering from the accident, he was listening to a lot of hip-hop recordings and took the decision that he wants to be a rapper. As a hyped MC from Compton, he started his career with a success, due not only to his musical talent, but also to the strong relationship with Dr. Dre. The Dr. signed him to Aftermath and produced several tracks. Other beneficial partnerships were his relationships with G Unit, Eminem and 50 Cent. ‘The Documentary’ is considered as one of the best West Coast hip-hop albums of the decade. Another scandal – his split with Fiddy, followed by a gunplay – helped him to upgrade his musical career, but was also followed by a break-up with his mentor, Dr. Dre. The following years were spent while working more and more and the result was the 2006 ‘The Doctor’s Advocate’, partly dedicated to Dre and which was welcomed by the public.