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Born in Australia, Siat succeed to expand his fame outside her native land, especially after her 2000 debut album ‘Healing Is Difficult’. The album was not only very much appreciated by the critics, but it went up in the UK Top 10 with the lead single ‘Taken For Granted’. However, she did not become rich overnight and had a lot of work ahead. Her talent made her an interesting acquisition for Henry Bins and Sam Hardaker who invited her to work together for a CD they were working on. The result – ‘Destiny’ and ‘In The Waiting Line’ not only expanded her musical horizons and outlined new qualities of her voice, but also helped her to relaunch her musical career. Her 2006 LP ‘Colour the Small One’ (2006) features film songs, such as ‘Breathe Me’, easily recognized by the fans of ‘Six Feet Under’, but also includes a song that she wrote together with Beck ‘The Bully’. Two years later, she was able to launch a big production ‘Some People Have Real Problems’. In 2010, she made her hand with a dance-pop song ‘We Are Born’.