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Passenger is a stage name of Michael David Rosenberg, folk rock musician from Great Britain. He was born on 17th of May in 1984. As teenager, Michael started to write songs and play on guitar. It was thanks to Andrew Phillips, experienced composer, that Passenger’s career ever kicked off however. Together they wrote and produced Michael’s first album “Wicked Man's Rest”. Although album itself wasn’t very popular, it allowed him to do some indie acts with Kate Nash. After composing soundtrack to film “Where Have I Been All Your Life?” and performing at Austin music festival, Andrew and Michael parted ways. It was reflected in Passenger’s music, as he decided to drop acoustic sound which Phillips liked. After doing a few rather mundane albums, he managed to do everything just right in 2012 album “All the Little Lights”. It became his first platinum best-seller, equally popular in all Anglophone countries. It also featured his most critically acclaimed song ever – “Let Her Go”. This song won two major awards - Brit Award in British Single of the Year nomination, as well as Independent Music Award in nomination Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Song. Since then he released album “Whispers” in two parts and album “Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea”, which was mostly panned by critics. Although some of them did commend Passenger for “old fashioned trad-folk sounds”.