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Paramore is band from Franklin, Tennessee. Its members are Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York. They work in alternative rock and pop rock genres since 2004. Being experienced singer since she was 3 years old, Hayley struggled with finding suitable band members for some time. Atlantic Records helped her find and recruit people she wanted and they began producing poppy melodies with emo influences. “All We Know Is Falling”, which came out in July of 2005, was branded by some critics as literal anti-Avril Lavigne music for being emo without being whiny. After spending some time touring with concerts, which band members regarded as important way of gaining new fans and keeping existing ones, album ‘Riot!” was presented to the public. It managed to become double-platinum without ever getting in top 10 of Billboard 200. Single “Misery Business” from this album is considered their most defining song of early period. After working with No Doubt on a joint summer concert tour, Paramore presented third album “Brand New Eyes”, which performed better in its opening week than Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel”. It was a turn for experiments after this, as 2013 self-titled album featured rich cocktail of sounds from power pop to gospel. Album made it to the top of Billboard 200, which encouraged band members and fans alike.