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Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco is a pop rock band from world capital of sin – Las Vegas, Nevada. Its current members are Brendon Urie, Dan Pawlovich, Kenneth Harris and Dallon Weekes. This band was created around Brendon Urie in 2004 and began recording since all its founding members were still in high school. They temporarily relocated to College Park in Maryland to record their premier album “A Fever You Can't Sweat Out”. Produced by Matt Squire and released by independent label Decaydance, it was immense commercial success. Double platinum in USA and platinum in Great Britain and Australia, this work brought fame to previously unknown musicians. Many art historians argue that this album defined Emo subculture of mid-00’s, from tunes to clothing to song titles. Despite this, decision was made to do second album in completely new subgenre of psychedelic pop instead of emo. Urie and original member Spencer Smith wanted to improvise further, while Ryan Ross and Jon Walker were satisfied with this format. Disagreement was never solved, and latter duo had to leave to form their own band, “The Young Veins”. As for album, it sold worse than previous one, but gained cult status in some circles. Since then, remaining and new members of the band released three more albums. All of them were liked by some and disliked by some, never reaching cultural impact of debut album.