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Orianthi Panagaris, better known as simply Orianthi, is a singer and songwriter from Australia. She was born on 22nd of January in 1985. Famous magazine for women Elle included her into their list of 12 greatest female guitarists. This charming lady of Greek ethnicity lived In Adelaide when young. There she learned piano and acoustic guitar. Being member of various bands since early teens, she did jam session with Carlos Santana at 18. She produced entirety of material and self-released her first album “Violet Journey”, relocating to Los Angeles shortly afterwards. While there, she was approached by Michael Jackson himself, who watched her YouTube videos, liked them and invited her to be his main guitarist in “This Is It” tour. She was present on every rehearsal of that tour, but unexpected death of Michael ruined these plans. Second album “Believe” was released by Geffen in October of 2009 and was more popular in Japan than in Anglo-Saxon countries. Between this and her next album she appeared in many popular TV shows, including American Idol. She also did some headlining shows in USA and East Asia. Album “Heaven in This Hell” saw release in spring of 2013, wasn’t received very well by professional critics and showed poor financial results.