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Omarion is a stage name of Omari Ishmael Grandberry, American rapper from Inglewood. He was born on November 12, 1984. He is brother of rapper O’Ryan. Oldest kid in a large family with seven children, Omari began rapping since tender age of 5 years old. After appearing in few commercials for famous brands as McDonalds and doing few supporting roles in movies like “You Got Served”, he released first album “O” in early 2005. Sales were moderate, but critics noticed it and nominated for Grammy. Second album with equally short title “21” sold better at first and premiered on top of Billboard, yet later its sales slowed down and eventually it sold even less than debut album. Omarion continued to combine work in movies with singing, and collaborative album “Face Off” was released between roles in “Feel the Noise” and “Somebody Help Me”. To this day, he struggles to make a breakthrough as rapper. Both of his following albums, “Ollusion” and “Sex Playlist” failed to meet expectations sales-wise. Still, he doesn’t give up and is preparing to release another album called “Reasons”. Meanwhile, he has to look for additional sources of income to support his girlfriend Apryl Jones and their two kids, so he opened his dance studio for these purposes.