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O.T. Genasis

O.T. Genasis

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O.T. Genasis is a stage name of Odis Oliver Flores, American rapper and songwriter from Long Beach. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 18 of June, 1987. Being child of immigrants from Belize, Odis always felt himself as outsider in his home town of Long Beach. Being somewhat introverted, she spent many hours listening to his idols Ludacris, Cutty Ranks and 50 Cent, who met him while Odis was still a street-wise hustler from the streets. 50 Cent not only allowed him to appear as guest performer on single “Jackie Chan”, but connected Odis with another famous rapper Busta Rhymes. Thanks to Busta Rhymes, G-Unit Records saw that he’s a talented kid with possibilities of great career in hip-hop. They allowed him to record and release first mixtape “Black Belt” in summer of 2012. Stage name O.T. Genasis finally got international recognition it deserved when this artist released famous single “CoCo”, which became his first platinum single and broke into Billboard’s Hot 100. One year later he will deliver yet another platinum single, this time with Young Dolph as guest vocalist. Unlike “CoCo”, this one was included into mixtape called “Rhythm & Bricks”. AS of now, mixtape “Coke N Butter” is Genasis’ last released content.