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Nickelback is a popular rock band, operating out of Vancouver, Canada. They work since 1995 and are known for their distinct post-grunge aftertaste. Current members are Chad and Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Daniel Adair. They formed as cover band called “Village Idiots” and changed their name to reflect favorite saying of Mike Kroger since he worked at Starbucks. Presenting first album called “Curb” on 1st of May in 1996, they were off to a bleak start. That music failed to impress anyone. Second album “The State” was even more disappointing, and publisher EMI Music decided that guys are hopeless and split with them. What a bad decision that was, because third album “Silver Side Up” reached top spots in a lot American and European countries, peaked at second place of Billboard 200 and eventually sold millions of copies. Another album with multiple platinum certifications came out two years later under title “The Long Road”. Critics split in relation to this album – Rolling Stone and Allmusic hated it, while Billboard included it in their list of 200 top albums of the decade. This situation repeated in 2005 with even more popular and financially successful album “All the Right Reasons”, number 13 on abovementioned list. All other critics criticized it, especially its lyrics. As of early 2017 band released eight full albums and is preparing to release latest one, “Feed the Machine”.