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An unusual voice from St. Louis, she initially started to play with St. Lunatics but continued as a solo artist. Her debut single ‘Country Grammar’ did not cope with too many difficulties for entering the top charts. Millions of fans are in love with her creative production and the more charismatic style of singing. With the sophomore LP ‘Nellyville’ she won more platinum hits. The most appreciated songs were ‘Dilemma’, ‘Hot In Here’ and ‘#1’. She did not limit her public appearance to music and tried to get involved in a couple of interesting social projects, such as the support of some charities, one of them supporting his cancer-afflicted sister and another one dedicated to supporting poor children in St. Louis. She is full of commercial ideas and thus no wonder to find her as the creator of Apple Bottom clothing companies exclusively dedicated to ladies or as the promoter of her own energy drink ‘Pimp Juice’. In 2003, she offered to her fans a new album ‘'Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention' made up of various remix. One year later, she focused more on her music career and released two new dancing LPs simultaneously: ‘Suit’ and ‘Sweat’ that were long-time favorites of clubs around the world. With the release of her fifth album, in 2008, ‘Brass Knuckles’ she entered apparently a period of mediocrity, but her 2010 hit single ‘Just A Dream’ was largely considered as a much appreciated comeback.