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Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond is a respectable pop/rock singer, born on January 24, 1941. This New Yorker is among best-selling musicians of all time Diamond grew up in a family of Jewish emigrants from Brooklyn. It was Pete Seeger’s performance that convinced Neil that he can and should sing and write songs. His first legal contract was shared with his schoolmate Jack Parker. They formed clone of Evenly Brothers duet called “Neil and Jack”. As their singles were of poor quality, Neil went solo. He managed to release album “The Feel of Neil Diamond” only in 1966, and its feel different vastly from what he did before. After switching label to Universal and mellowing his sound with singles like “Cracklin' Rosie” and “Holly Holy”, he reached first spot of Hot 100 with a song dedicated to wife of John Kennedy, “Sweet Caroline”. By 1971 he was able to do seven straight concerts in L.A.’s Greek Theater with every single ticked being sold, which proved that his fame is surging. Early 70’s is very good era for Diamond, his best maybe, as his singles and albums sold like hot cakes – “Tap Root Manuscript”, “Gold”, “Moods” and so on. Sadly, his most famous album “Hot August Night” not just leveled him up in terms of fame once again, but became a peak he was never able to repeat again.