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Miguel Jontel Pimentel or just Miguel is an artist from San Pedro area of Los Angeles who works in R&B and funk genres. He was born on October 23, 1985. He is engaged to model Nazanin Mandi and they plan to marry. Miguel is of mixed Latino and African-American ethnicity. His choices in music represent his parents’ preferences in many ways. He started with relatively unknown label Black Ice and almost completed album “Young & Free”, however project was canned in middle of production. Jive Records picked him up for song “Sure Thing”, around which album “All I Want Is You” soon formed. However, Black Ice was angry at Miguel for abandoning their project and sued him. Thus, this latter album’s release was delayed for more than 24 months because of legal hassle. Album started really slow and even helped to bankrupt Jive Records, but after tour with Trey Songz it picked up the pace and broke into top 30 of Billboard 200. Two next albums – “Kaleidoscope Dream” and “Wildheart” did not have such dramatic stories behind them, with both released by stable label RCA. Critics absolutely loved both of them, yet somehow sales never matched actual quality of album. Both albums became golden, while many agree they deserve to be platinum.