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Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona Hallim is known on professional scene as simply Melanie Fiona, without surname. She is singer from Toronto, born on 4th of July in 1983. Melanie started earning her title of musician together with two other girls – Adreena Mill and Nicole Holness. Together they formed girl group X-Quisite. Probably most famous single of this band is “Bad Girl”, and they even managed to get Juno Award nomination before eventual dissolution in 2005. Melanie then joined another band – “The Renaissance” but she always wanted to be solo singer in her own image, not accepting producers’ wishes for rebranding. With Jay Z’s help it became possible and album “The Bridge” was released in summer of 2009. Single “It Kills Me” stood apart from other songs of album, getting Grammy nomination. Later she ended up in Haiti, after working there as part of charity tour “We Are the World 25 for Haiti”, where she began writing for next album – “The MF Life”. It was released in March of 2012 and proved to be decent, but somewhat generic R&B album which sold not as good as artist hoped. Third album “Awake” was announced as far back as 2013 and was set for 2016 release, but as of April 2017 its fate is still unknown.