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Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham

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Lukas Graham is not a name of person, as might seem at first, but a pop band from Denmark. Its members are Lukas Forchhammer, Magnus Larsson and Mark Flagren. They work in pop and soul genres since 2011. These boys began promoting themselves by uploading amateur videos of their songs to social networks, YouTube and Facebook in particular. After they gathered hundreds of thousands of views, contract with Copenhagen Records was in their pocket. Adding a lot of new songs to those in self-titled album, which was released exclusively in European Union, they managed to become national phenomenon in Denmark. Album stayed on first spot of their charts for almost four months, receiving six platinum certifications. Concert tour was equally astonishing, and equally exclusive to Europe. In attempt to expand into other territories such as North America, they agreed terms with Warner Bros. Records and went off to California to work on next album. It was destined to be named exactly the same as previous one, getting different cover artwork and sun-title Blue Album. In USA, it debuted at third spot of Billboard, thus making it the most successful release of Danish music since Aqua’s album “Aquarium”. Single “7 years” became most popular song from album, gathering more than 500 million streams on Spotify service and receiving BBC Awards nomination for Song of the Year.