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Ludacris is a stage name of Christopher Brian Bridges, rapper from Atlanta. He was born on September 11, 1977 to African-American family. Starting as radio DJ and event host, Chris did his fist noticeable art work when he wrote song “Phat Rabbit” for Timbaland. He began to work on his first album in 1998, and soon “Incognegro” was made and released and this time Timbaland returned the favor and helped with production. Sadly, it wasn’t good. Next production was more ambitious. It was called “Back for the First Time” and as of now sold more than three million copies in America. Then Ludacris became a very stable artist, as his next three albums – “Word of Mouf”,” Chicken-n-Beer” and “The Red Light District” – performed roughly the same, selling around three million copies and getting above average, but not stellar critic reviews. Some change came in 2006, with album “Release Therapy”. It sold slightly less, introduced darker feel to his art and earned Grammy Award as Best Rap Album. This year was also marked by his participation in memorable advertising campaign by Puma. Having released three more albums since then and preparing for more, Ludacris continues to enjoy slow, but steady career.