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LMFAO is a duet of hip hop artists SkyBlu (Skyler Austen Gordy) and Refoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy). They are relatives – nephew and uncle to be precise, and represent Los Angeles. Coming from electro house club scene of L.A., they were introduced into big show business by Jimmy Iovine, who gave them contract with Interscope. This producer was impressed by demos of LMFAO. Extended play was made out of some of them in 2008 and got named “Party Rock”. It was well received in night clubs across the land. After doing few collaborative works with luminaries of their genre, such as David Guetta, they began work on their second album. “Sorry for Party Rocking” was released in summer of 2011 to great variety in reviews, from 1 to 4 stars. Some speculated that poor reviews were politically motivated, with left-wing The Guardian giving just one star because albums expressive hedonist lyrics was in conflict with publication’s liberal dogmas. Still, single “Party Rock Anthem” sold around ten million copies and was equally popular on all continents. LMFAO went tour to Asia and Europe to support album’s promotion, attracting crowds as large as 50,000. After performing at Superbowl band announced hiatus, with both members of collective complaining on tiredness.