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Kip Moore

Kip Christian Moore is a country music performer, born on April 1, 1980. He is originally from Tifton, Georgia and lived for a short while in Hawaii before moving on to capital of country – Nashville. After arriving in Nashville, he had to live and work there for eight years before MCA signed contract with him. This partnership produced song "Mary Was the Marrying Kind" and then "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck". Latter climbed to top spot in Billboard’s country rankings. Both these singles were included in 2012 album "Up All Night". It sold 446,000 copies in United States. Second album “Wild Ones” had troubled development history, with majority of material being scrapped and redone from scratch after first two singles from it flopped both commercially and among critics. It ended up as sort of Bruce Springsteen wannabe album, getting B+ and 3/5s from most of critics. Despite decent promotion tour, which was done in two legs – summer tour began in Pennsylvania and ended in Virginia and winter tour included cities from Milwaukee to Anaheim, album sold worse than its predecessor. Moore’s newest single "More Girls Like You" got exclusive country radio release in February of 2017.