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Kent Jones

Kent Jones

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Daryl Kent Jones, or just Kent Jones is a rapper from sunny American state of Florida. He was born on April 14, 1993. As of 2017 he lives in Miami. Even though he dabbled a bit into gospel and jazz in his youth, that was not what Epidemic Records was looking for in this talented artist. He became a hip-hop musician and started to work together with such stars as Queen Latifah and Fat Joe. Debut mixtape had to be recorded in another studio though, as it was Epic Records that did “Tours” and second mixtape “Too Much Too Soon”. There were no big hits in any of these mixtapes, as the most popular single from both of them, “Don’t Mind”, which proved to be one of the greatest hits in 2016, climbing the Top 10 of the Billboard 200. On social networks such as YouTube and various music streaming services it received nearly 200 million streams by the end of that year. Take-Two Interactive decided that this was solid proof of quality of upstart artist, and included this single in the latest offering of their long-running series of basketball video games – NBA 2K16.