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Karmin is a pop/hip-hop duo from United States. It consists of two graduates from Berklee College of Music, Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann. After working for a while they became a couple and eventually married in 2016. This is truly a modern music collective, as it has YouTube to thank for its breakthrough. “Look at Me Now” video got almost 300 million views and even Ryan Seacrest, famous radio and TV personality, posted it on his blog. After doing few covers, united under name “Karmin Covers, Vol. 1”, genuine full album came out in early 2014, after extended play with a suitable name “Hello”. Sadly, album was panned by critics, with Rolling Stone giving it only 1.5 out of 5. Sales were also far from impressive. Nevertheless, duo supported it with tour from Baltimore to California, with 16 performances in total. Before continuing to their second album, once again they did a few covers, Rihanna and Justin Bieber were among artists that picked their interest. It was released in September of 2016 under title “Leo Rising”. It got slightly better critic reception and chart performance, yet for some reason Amy announced that fans of duo should not expect tour anytime soon, until the very 2018. It is speculated that this is because this couple wants to transition to R&B music.