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Juicy J

Juicy J is a stage name of Jordan Michael Houston, rapper from Memphis. He is one of founder of “Three 6 Mafia” collective. This person celebrates birthday on April 5, and was born in 1975. Notable rapper Project Pat is his older brother. South Coast hip hop genre was blessed in 1991, as this was the year when “Three 6 Mafia” was founded by Lord Infamous, DJ Paul and Juicy J. That band works even now, although its roster changed drastically. Anyway, since releasing “Mystic Stylez” album in 1995 they made 8 more albums and were popular enough to continue. Still, Jordan’s had solo ambitions and created first solo album under title “Chronicles of the Juice Man” in 2002. Little later, guy even won “Oscar” in Best Original Song nomination. This was part of “Hustle & Flow” film soundtrack. Under impression from this movie, Juicy J’s next album was named “Hustle Till I Die”. He finally broke ties with “Mafia” guys in 2011 and started to cooperate with Wiz Khalifa instead. Wiz had strong influence on his next album, “Stay Trippy”, appeared on three songs there and helped produce it on Taylor Gang Records. Before this and 2017 album “Rubba Band Business” he mostly toured and did joint work with various artists, such as Nicki Minaj and R.City.