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Josh Turner

Josh Turner is a singer who works in both traditional and neotraditional country. He was born on November 20, 1977 in Hannah, South Carolina. He debuted with song “Long Black Train” at Grand Ole Opry festival in Nashville in late 2001. Two years later he released first album, “Long Black Train”. It became gold and its highest country chart spot was 13. Album “Your Man” followed in 2006 and sold even better, becoming platinum after mediocre first week. It was also noticed at Grammy Awards, where it received two nominations. In this year, he also started to cooperate with Dusty Drake and wrote a few songs for this performer, including successful “Say Yes”. From that moment on and up to 2017 Josh released six full albums, with most notable songs out of those being “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and “Time is Love”, biggest hits of their respective years in country genre. Josh considers himself Evangelical Christian and his songs often appear on specialized Christian radio stations, podcasts and TV shows. These themes also heavily reflected in his lyrics. This is why he was cast as George Beverly Shea, notable gospel singer, in a biopic of He is married, with four sons in family.