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John Mayer

John Clayton Mayer is a singer with Fairfield background. He mostly works in acoustic rock and blues genres, and is able to play piano, percussion, harmonica, omnichord and guitar. He created a band “Lo-Fi Masters” with buddy Clay Cook when in Atlanta. They had to go their own ways however, and John started to entertain guests of night clubs across the land. After performing at South by Southwest festival he was noticed by few big labels, with Columbia releasing “Inside Wants Out”, debut extended play. Both of his albums did extremely well financially, receiving multiple platinum certifications. “Room for Squares” still remains his bestseller, shipping almost five million copies in United States alone. “Heavier Things”, however, received mixed response from professional critics. This wasn’t the case with third album – “Continuum” – which received Grammy as Best Pop Vocal Album. As of 2017, he released seven full albums, with most recent offering – “The Search for Everything” – receiving heavy promotion on famous TV shows such as Ellen DeGeneres’ and Jimmy Kimmel’s. One of John’s famous personality traits is that he is considered to be successful playboy, who never experiences lack of female attention. Thus, he had numerous love affairs with such celebrities of various age as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry and Jennifer Love Hewitt.