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John Legend

John Legend is a stage name of John Roger Stephens, born on December 28, 1978. He hails from Springfield, Ohio. He began as piano player, holding a number of performances across Philadelphia and then the rest of East Coast. There he met Kanye West, still unknown artist at that time. John often performed during intermissions at Kanye’s events. As of full albums, Mr. Legend debuted with “Get Lifted” in late 2004. Kanye also took part in creation of this album. It got as high as 7 on Billboard 200, and eventually received gold certification from RIAA and Grammy awards in nomination of Best R&B album. This upped his worth as collaborator even further, and he worked with Jay Z and Black Eyed Peas afterwards, and even prepared to work with Michael Jackson before his untimely death. “Once Again” was his second album, released in 2006. It sold even better than first, and became platinum. Between this and third album, “Evolver”, he worked as promoter for Barack Obama’s campaign, appearing in his advertisements and video clip “Yes We Can”. Second part of 10’s was very busy for him, culminating in cover of Celine Dion’s “Beauty and the Beast” for 2017 remake of original movie.