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Jeremih comes from Chicago, upholding traditional Illinoisan style of R&B music. He was born as Jeremih Felton on July 17, 1987. In childhood, he was able to play saxophone and piano without receiving proper training for this. He also was part of Latin jazz band, where he learned timbales and congas. Fourth spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 was his, when “Birthday Sex” single was released. Shortly afterwards, self-titled album “Jeremih” came out. To support this album, Mr. Felton partnered with participants of America’s Most Wanted Tour, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Soon he also joined with Lionel Richie on “One Life to Live” TV series. Second album “All About You” did not meet expectations, even despite 50 Cent’s guest appearance. Jeremih took a bit of a break before release of third album, as only in 2015 it saw the light of day. It underwent sort of development hell, with recording sessions lasting for three years. Critical reception was better than average, but commercially it underperformed. While it received gold certification from RIAA, artist and his producers expected to sell more than lifetime 500,000 units. As of 2017, Jeremih still works on a sequel to third album, called “Later That Night”. Meanwhile, he writes songs for Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.