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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a famous singer and actress, born in 1969 in Bronx, New York. One of the most recognizable artists of her generation, she is known for professional attitude to everything she does. At the beginnings of her career, she worked as dancer for boy band “New Kids on the Block”, when she got the chance to secure role of Fly Girl in TV show “In Living Color”. While working there, she decided to be an actress as well. Her first few noticeable roles, after starring in few B movies, were in “Money Train”, “Blood and Wine” and finally a breakthrough “Selena”. After getting famous, there were no more problems for Jennifer to either publish music or to get movie roles. From 1999 to 2005 she released four albums, with four more before 2015. Even though occasional hiccups in her cinema career happened, such as “Gigli”, which was panned by critics and fans alike (and still got her a nice pay for this role), many directors still wanted her in their works. Jennifer is also known as fashionista – her green Versace dress was primary reason for creation of Google Images, so popular it was. “US weekly” tabloid named her style icon of 00’s, and wide range of celebrities adopted her style. She owns a line of fragrance and cosmetics, named after her.