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Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is a performer of Cajun heritage from Louisiana, who became known celebrity in country music at age as young as 19 years. This talented kid was performing for audiences since he was 5 years old, and had his first album at 9. It was called Through My Eyes, and he singed, played accordion and even wrote a few songs. In his second album, “Make a Wish”, he wrote 7 songs and was credited as producer as well. For this album, he mastered guitar, bass and percussion, mandolin and set a recording studio in his own home. In 2009 he relocated to Nashville, to sign contract with Universal Publishing. Hayes’ first major single was released in summer of 2011, under title “Storm Warning”. This song entered American Top 40 charts. Self-titled album, “Hunter Hayes”, was released shortly afterwards, and while it was in promotion stages Hunter toured the country as opening support for Taylor Swift. Soon great success came, thanks to single “Wanted”, which became 4 platinum and thus helped debut album go platinum as well. Second album was released in 2014, under the name “Storyline”. Even though its debuted at first spot in the country, its success was smaller as its sales quickly dropped.