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Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae

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Hot Chelle Rae is a band from Nashville, which works in dance-rock genre. Their origins can be traced to a band called Miracle Drug, formed by Ryan Follese and Nash Overstreet, who were friends since childhood. Soon afterwards Ryan’s brother Jamie joined them and took over the drums part and new guy Ian Keaggy became bassist. Their new and final name as a band was decided on after heated debate with stalker fan on MySpace service – his name was Chelle Rae, so guys decided that he was so Hot to be immortalized in their work. Band’s debut single was released in 2009 under the title “I Like To Dance”, first album got named “Lovesick Electric” and appeared in October of said year. First major breakthrough came in 2011, when Billboard’s Top 10 was conquered by HCR’s single “Tonight Tonight”. Once again, this success was followed by another studio album, “Whatever”. After this, band worked together with Taylor Swift on her tour in Australia and New Zealand. After this, band’s peak of performance seems to have ended. While they managed to release third album – “Reckless” – in October of 2014, it contained just five tracks. What’s worse, Ian Keaggy announced his departure shortly afterwards. Since 2015 band is in de-facto hiatus, with most of members doing solo singles. Ryan Folesse, for one, opted for country genre.