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The Chicago-based Disturbed are the living proof that music can never disappear, despite the technical development and other new challenges of the century. David Draiman, the teenage singer of the group, has not only a very tormented personal history with school – he was invited to leave at least five separate schools, but also tried to be a mature voice before being in his 20s. Before turning to the Black Sabbath style, he also played in some alternative bands and tried to try and understand new musical styles. Disturbed plays like Metallica used to at their beginning or as Iron Maiden. Their debut album – ‘The Sickness’ - was launched in 2000, and in 2001 they were invited to play at Ozzfest. They got more and more popular and multiplatinum ratings for almost all of their albums. One of the best by far is considered ‘Indestructible’, released in 2008. One year later, they went on air with an amazing compilation of their best productions, reunited as part of the ‘Complete Studio Albums’.