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Bruno Mars

His fame and his rapid success of becoming the king of the charts was often compared with the experiences of big stars as Elvis and Michael Jackson. What he has special, is not only a good voice, but the talent of a songwriter and the good managerial skills of a producer. Add to this the obstinacy to be good, by a careful attention to each detail of his public presence. He was born in a family of musicians – a singer mother and a band leader father – in Waikiki Hawaii. His name was Peter Hernandez, but once he entered the hall of musical fame, he preferred the more commercial Bruno Mars. After finishing high school he decided to move to L.A. where he seized more musical opportunities for his career. He had a lot of ups and downs but expanded his portfolio and ended up working with Philip Lawrence as both songwriter and producer. The next stop was to return to the business of music, and together with Ari Levine, he made a successful duo at the Smeezingtons. Hits as ‘Right Round’, ‘Billionaire’ and ‘Long Distance’ featured his talent and his presence was easily observed by the public and music reviewers. In July 2010 he launched ‘Just the Way You Are’ that represented his full-length debut and his confirmation in the musical hall of fame.